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I gave up on Downton Abbey at the end of season 2, my mom is giving me updates

There is a nanny. Because Sybil and Mary have babies. Sybil’s baby is one and Mary is like 6 months old. The nanny is holding the boy baby, and calling him oh sweet baby, I love you baby, and then she turns around when she hears the girl baby makes a sound and says, be quiet you half breed and lady grantham hears it and fires her on the spot.

She’s a Mudblood!

That is what she called her! Wait, isn’t that a Harry Potter term. Wouldn’t it be funny if they used that?

It is a pretty depressing show with great costumes and a beautiful. Lady Edith is very happy at the moment. She has a boyfriend who is married! He wants a divorce because she is an insane asylum.


But you can’t divorce someone in England who is in an insane asylum, so he is going to move to Germany and become a German citizen and learn German.

It is pretty funny.

Jodiebasket is not watching any new shows

They are all about stupid crap.

The first one is something of the Shield, I don’t know what the hell it is called. With Batman, Spiderman, I don’t know. It is teeny bopper crap.

The next one is Sleepy Hollow. I don’t get it? How can a whole show be about headless horsemen? Isn’t that just one episode?

The Black List with James Spader, who I don’t like as an actor, which is a good enough reason not to watch the show.

That covers all the dramas, except for Ironside, which they cancelled, and it didn’t make any sense. Why did they make a remake? In my head, he was young and black. He could have been green for all I care, but he was too young, the original actor was older and I don’t know how he got in a wheelchair.

The comedies weren’t funny.

I am only watching Masters of Sex.

I just finished the books, so I’m behind (because I needed an emotional break), but JB isn’t

[8:01:16 AM] Jodie: omg - games of thrones!!
[8:01:25 AM] Nicole: I’M SORRY
[8:01:46 AM] Jodie: so many deathes
[8:01:52 AM] Jodie: it was gross
[8:02:03 AM] Nicole: HAHA
[8:02:30 AM] Jodie: but the dragon queen is still good!!
[8:02:42 AM] Nicole: I know
[8:03:44 AM] Nicole: you’re ok?
[8:03:49 AM] Jodie: i’m fine
[8:04:00 AM] Jodie: shocking
[8:04:14 AM] Jodie: jon snow is ok

I am glad we won’t have to deal with that for like two seasons.

Jodiebasket is so Mean

[10:08:18 AM] Jodie: sorry what
[10:09:43 AM] Jodie: watching modern family
[10:10:03 AM] Jodie: there was a funny line about the son calling his teacher mommy
[10:10:11 AM] Jodie: remnd you of something
[10:10:15 AM] Jodie: remind

I think one time in middle school I called my gym teacher, “Dad.” Thanks for reminding me, Mom.

Googling Lena Dunham’s Tattoos

Jodiebasket: The back is two little houses, I don’t get it. Starts reading the article ( Ugh, this is going to be a story book for all of them. Oh there is just too much information. Why is there a pop up coming up. Go away. Get to the point. Silence. Ok, her tattoos are from children’s books. It is really not a good article, it is not telling me anything about the tattoos.

Anyway she loves Adam, hates Marnie, and finds Shoshana hilarious. She loved Hannah’s cat-eaten-the-mouse grin when Hannah got Adam to be her boyfriend.

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